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Gay is ok?️‍?✨

Ofc It’s okay to be GAY, it’s okay to be STRAIGHT, it’s okay to be TRANS. It’s okay to do whatever tf MAKES YOU HAPPY! At the end of the day it’s YOUR life, you pay your own bills. People are always gonna hate & talk. But you have yourself & the people that truly LOVE YOU?


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Shoutout to this amazing, insane human! I am insanely grateful for him, he truly changed my life, to the better. ❤️️ he's always been there for me, and I would never trade him for anyone else?? Beebii If you gonna read this, don't cry ? thank you for loving me just the way you do & for keeping up with my shitz & all my moods and crazy girly moments ? i love you soooooooooooo much?
Shoutout to this amazing insane human I am insanely grateful for him he truly


you call me a bitch because i don’t care what you say. i’m not like you. i don’t care about what everyone thinks about me. say whatever you want about me. you say i think i own everything, when in your case i don’t let everyone walk all over me and do what they want with me. i actually have something to stand up for, something to believe in. i have morals, integrity, most of all, character. something you are lacking.


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