Ask @YourGriffinArnlund:


Shoutout to this amazing, insane human! I am insanely grateful for him, he truly changed my life, to the better. ❤️️ he's always been there for me, and I would never trade him for anyone else😜💝 Beebii If you gonna read this, don't cry 😂 thank you for loving me just the way you do & for keeping up with my shitz & all my moods and crazy girly moments 🙄 i love you soooooooooooo much💞

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you call me a bitch because i don’t care what you say. i’m not like you. i don’t care about what everyone thinks about me. say whatever you want about me. you say i think i own everything, when in your case i don’t let everyone walk all over me and do what they want with me. i actually have something to stand up for, something to believe in. i have morals, integrity, most of all, character. something you are lacking.

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