Ask @Yousaf_09:

Kya aapka chain vain kabhi ujra hai? ?

Zooha Noor Awan
Yup! Jab PUBG ban hui tab.
Pakistan aur PTA ne boht fit game kheli tax suck krne k liye jo k I feel like hamara haq tha.
PTA knew pubg players are going to buy UC, Royal Pass and Prime Plus etc at the start of season 14(Started today).
So they put a fake news of suicides and parents' complaints just so PUBG would send their Lawyer to get the game back and PTA put their trump card out and asked for the Tax & Registration.
Pubg earns billions through pakistan and they couldn't risk it so they paid the tax and PUBG will be Un-banned in a day or two.
Very smooth PTA? Oh man! This is business ?

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