Ask @YousufHaider350:

I ws in a relatnshp. My bf alwys tried to make me feel jealous. We hd lots of fight reltd to dis. Bt it continued.Then I was prprng for my exm so i tld him dat aftr dat I wl talk to him. Ltr I msgd him bt he didnt replied n now aftr 4 mnths he calld n snd me many msgs tellng he loves me. wht to do?

see its not love if a person can't understand your expulsion... and wo pyar hi kya jis main understanding na ho?
so better is don't talk to him because he's going to spoil you ever after..
take it as a friend's advice :)

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Nickname? Battery percentage? iPhone or android? Last person you texted? Birthday? Last song you listened to? Single or taken? Favorite movie? Last person you said I love you to? Dream job? Mood you're in right now? 🐧

Pireh ∞
Nickname: chuchuu :')
battery percentage: 57 % :p
iPhone or Android: Android
last person I texted: life <3
last song: Man jaage sari raat *-*
single or taken: 50\50 :'D
favorite movie: bht sari hain yrr xD
last person: bhtt pehly bola tha yaad nai x'D
dream job: I wanna become a singer :D
mood: bss theek he hai ;)

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