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I wü jz ned stereotypical sei owa mogst du reis??

ma geh weg

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You think you are cool?.. WELL YOU AREN'T.

Mimi stop harassing me

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how was your day? :)

Well, I had a lunch date with nuna, scored full points on my arts exam and friends told me that Twenty one pilots AND P.A.T.D are coming to Austria in November, so pretty nice actually 😇

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what about the xmen series? are you going to watch the new one as well? :>

Yes I love the x-men series and I can't wait for "apocalypse" 😊 [Count Wolverine to my Favs list]

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YES I'm such a geek I've probably watched 9/10 of all Marvel & DC Comics Movies 😇
My Favs:


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#TeamStark or #TeamCaptain?


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Are you excited for school?

hey how was the tøp concert? :)

oh my, it was sooo amazing. literally one of the best nights ever.

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Omg du warst beim Lunafly Konzert? Ich wollte auch hin aber No monay:(

Aww mate you missed out~ Nächstes Mal vielleicht :) Sie haben uns versprochen das sie wieder kommen ☺️

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Pap of your last art work please?

Tried drawing Levi from Attack on Titan 😁 ~Fav character of all time~

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Fav Emoji?

Age doesn't necessarily match the level of maturity for some people.

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ladies stop fighting over my bf 😌

Don't worry mate, hobi oppa is still nr1~ I mean how can you not like this goofball? 😍

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xD im the best unnie ever haha jk jk same here he is killing me ughh


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Fuck offf suga is mine haha xD he wrecked me and v be nice to unnie haha ..jk

Just arrived at the airport and the first thing that pops up is lovely Xing unnie telling me to fuck off hahaha~ I didn't ask for sugaaa he just crawled up my biaslist *cries in korean* 🐨

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whos your biggest bias wrecker in bts?? 😁

Ughhh all of them tbh 😭 Jhope is my bby but shit, Suga is ruining everything ;_;
Like look at dissss 😲

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Hold up! Is it true that you know the black wings members??!

Well I know them through Hayden and we just had dinner sometimes but that's it 😁

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What are your thoughts on the whole "I need you, 19+ version" music video blowing up on the Internet?

If you understand the plot/story of the music video, it's really deep and I think the song is ok too so, 10/10 would bang

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Pap 👭

Ain't we cute?~

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What kind of Friend is Nuna?

She's the caring one I would say~ She cares a lot about you and you can always talk to her. She's also really funny and she's always ready to cheer someone up :) She has an amazing personality and I'm proud to call her my friend~

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What kind of friend are you?

I think you would have to ask my friends but I guess I'm the awkward one ^-^
I hate asking for the check at a restaurant or asking for something in general, so I beg my friends to do it haha. It all depends on my mood because sometimes I literally can't stop talking/laughing and then sometimes I'm just quiet and silently judge people I don't even know~
(I'm also very respectful and get hurt easily ^^ I remember when I was so butthurt when someone called me a "missgeburt" haha)

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What made you smile today?

Waking up to rain dropping on my window 😍 It's finally cold and raining~
Sorry for all the summer lovers out there but I just can't wait for the seasons of wearing sweatshirts and pullovers

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What faces does he make? :')

"Isn't he lovelyyyy~?"

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Reasons for choosing these biases? <33

Well for seventeen: Hansol/Vernon is rather calm and doesn't say much but at the same time he's really caring and smart :)

Bts: Jhope because he's the mood maker of the group and he's an amazing dancer 😍 (and the faces he makes are life, just sayin)

Got7: BamBam because he's the one that got me into got7 and because he's open minded and cute af

Exo: Sehun because he's really shy in the beginning but when he's comfortable he gets really sassy and funny. His laugh is so adorable, he's so handsome and don't even get me started on his dancing. 🌚

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Whos your bias in seventeen, bts, got7 & exo??? haha 😊

Seventeen: my first bias was Vernon/Hansol but Joshua is ruining my bias list along with woozi~
Bts: J-hope 😍
Got7: BamBam :3
Exo: Sehun ^-^

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Would you go on a date with someone you dont have feelings for?

Probably not, because every person deserves honesty when it comes to feelings (was that even English?) But I'll probably say yes anyway because I'm a fucking softie. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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