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i bought loop720 snowflake edition and it has blue spacer, but red one. What’s the difference compared to normal Japan ver one?

Red are the same spec as Japan

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Was the G-Funk Champions edition (64g blue gray acid wash) bead blasted like the original USA G-Funk (66g)?

We think we hit the stability in the lighter weight so added agility
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Why put those rough engraving on the edge of exmachima? They dont look great and is rough and felt cheap. :(

They improve alignment for 3a play. You know we offer it without the lines also?
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Are you planning some more Glitter designs? Like a clear red, gold glitters and shiny gold caps could be a gorgeous colorway on replay.

We have some ideas but nothing set in stone yet
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I took apart my 9 dragons today and when I put it back together it was wobbly. Not the shells but the metal of the yoyo. Do you think I bent the axle? And if so where can I buy a new one?

No I don't think you bent the axle. Most likely 1 of the 8 critical seats in the bearing isn't perfect. Take it apart again. Make sure the bearings are pressed into the caps and everything is sitting straight and correct
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Are you no longer making shutters with the old blast? The new blast looks cool but I still want the old one to be made

We plan to make all finishes, including gloss again
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Were the 2016 Popstars your design? Before the release in the mystery box, there were some yoyos oddly similar to those Popstars on other websites.

Designed by Chen Jia Lin (he also designed the v5 parts that make Nine Dragons possible and previously Superwide).
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I recently picked up a 2012 Superstar (light blue and clear splash) and it feels like it's blasted, far from being as glossy as my 2012 Genesis. Were some Superstar/Supernova/Genesis 2012 blasted and some left totally glossy?

Many. It came in a few finishes
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Will you revisit the Mightly Flea and update the design to be more capable and user friendly? A more modern update would be great.

More user friendly: bigger perhaps?
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Any possibility we will see a new run of solid color horizons with the new matte finish like the new shutters ? Blast teal green horizon would be sick.

Yes !
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Hello! Can you please tell me Is the John Ando Champions Collection version of Superstar 2012 just a Superstar 2012 with a different finish and no stacks? Are they identical in every other way?

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