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what's team ringo Kevin????????

Team Ringo is not an ordinary group - it is not a group for the faint-hearted, and it's certainly not a group for those who wish to be in a group for merely the prestige. In Team Ringo, everyone shares one desire, one desire to remain the best, and one desire to represent nothing but superlative excellence and unquestionable quality. Our team is what we believe the best, and we strive to become the best we may be. Only a select few members have the privilege of being known as members of the infamous Team Ringo. People of the team understand and acknowledge that they need to act with respect and courtesy, as they are not merely representing themselves, but Team Ringo. Each member has been trained to a degree of near perfection, as perfection is what we strive for. Team Ringo is the personification of Ringo, the unstoppable, unkillable demon king of Vainglory. We believe that we are similar to Ringo himself in this way, and we are proud of our association with the great man himself. We have 5 members on our team; Nathan Scotter is our support, Nick Rice the top laner, Hayden Huang the mid laner, James Gao the jungler, and Kevin Tong the ADC. This formidable lineup is yet to encounter any real competition, thrashing nearby rivals Team Flamingo by a mere 20-0.
As Horace once said, 'dulce et decorum est pro patria mori', meaning that it is sweet and honourable to die for your country. This is also our philosophy; we try our hardest for the team and we will be ready to sacrifice our lives at any given moment for the team. Team Ringo is a team that represents a set of values. We want to be seen as the best, and we wish to set a exemplary example for the rest of society to observe and take notes from. We are different to the Elite, as we set far greater standards, and we are not just a concept, but a concrete and respected team. All members of Team Ringo are known to be the best of their kind and are all members of the Elite.

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