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What do you think about animal hunting?

Cruel duh T-T
Imagine you running from hunters and being shot, and DIE

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Why do zombies like brain so much?

Because we don't have one.. I mean.. they don't have one xD so they want the brains.. and the brains are so juicy and tempting..

you're not fluent in any chinese dialects so what language you communicating at home? BTW are you pure Chinese?

I speak mandarin at home.. there is where I learnt my broken mandarin xD I was able to speak Hokkien fluently as a kid but too bad my grandma is the only person speaking to mebin Hokkien so after she passed away I didn't speak anymore. That is the main cause I think xD and of you ask me if I am a pure Chinese would say yes.. it should be la.. I didn't remember any of the family members telling that one of my ancestor is mix though.. haha ya.. should be a pure Chinese but if you ask, I would say a poor Chinese, or maybe banana.. who knows? XD

how many Chinese dialects do you speak? can you read/write in Chinese characters?

I speak my broken mandarin xD I understand hokkien and cantonese as well but to speak.. hmm.. hokkien is still ok but with a weird slang, I dunno where it came from.. it just appeared like that.. cantonese I can speak weirder than my hokkien and to speak cantonese, I will need maybe a few minutes to think of a sentence before telling it confidently.. and about reading and writing, I can but a bit.. (standard 1 pun tak pass lagi haha)

What is (or was) your favorite class in school?

Everything is too awesome to choose.. They are all my favourite (maybe?) :D

what language(s) or writing systems you wish to learn? why do you want to learn or write in that particular language?

Any language would do. All languages are awesome ^_^v I am ready to learn any of it :P Lai lai lai haha..

What is the weirdest word in your language?

asdfghjkl.. izit the weirdest? or it's kilabret? Ke.. koalabolasyen? Lulz..

Describe your hyper friend in class

This girl ha.., she sit beside me in the class.. she'll suddenly dance in the class/lab even the teacher is there like nobody's business. She'll sing and she'll poke you.. play with your hair and invite you to do some hyper dance..
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