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I'm thinking about committing suiside. My life isn't right. My parents are always yelling at me. I'm cutting tomorrow. Are there other ways to go? It'd mean a lot if u resonded

First of all, you are not cutting tomorrow because you are strong enough to resist the urge and understand that your life is in a shitty phase, but it WILL get better and you will not kill yourself and miss the good part of your life. Instead you need to talk to your parents about communicating better and just talk to people when you feel down.
Everyone goes through that phase when you and your parents dont get along but 99% of the time, it ends! Things get better, being a teenager is hard but you're going to get through it

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Can you please stop rubbing it in our faces that you've had sex? It makes us virgins look bad and some of us are older than you. I really hope you didn't have sex just to give sex advice and get more views on your channel.

Okay, a few things
1. How dare you question if I had sex to get youtube views, thats simply stupid of you.
2. I am not rubbing it in ANYONES face, I answer questions and try to make people feel more comfortable.
Can you please stop worrying about everyone else's sex life, whether I had sex or not does not make you look better or worse

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I just wanted to let you know that your videos made me not commit suicide. I had it all planned out in my mind and I was going to do it, but your videos made me realize that my life is valuable and I'm worth it. Words can describe how grateful I am!!!!! Thank you so much Ashley, I love you!!!

This made me tear up a little bit. Im so happy you found the strength you needed!

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