Ask @Yunging:

Did you receive any discrimination or trouble for buying a house being a young single woman? A friend of mine recently got rejected for buying a house and she has a full time job but it was a contract job. I was told it was likely because she was a single woman.

I didn't, I've been working towards this goal since I was 14, so I had always had it in my mind to make sure my credit was strong, and my payment history was perfect etc. So there was really nothing that they could get me on.
That is super unfortunate for your friend, maybe try another bank?

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How can i get a place if i don't have no credit history? I've done research that you can but it will be hard to but it could happen. and i went to the bank and they said its required.

Honestly in my experience if you're looking to buy a place you need credit history to have your credit score checked to see if you're approved for a loan/mortgage.
I would start building a credit history, pay your bills via your credit card, and then pay off your credit card every month etc.

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