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If you could influence people like a celebrity does, how would you use it for the benefit of the planet?

I would tell everyone to save 1 penny-a dollar a day, then donate it to charity.

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Then you can't say females have it easier when getting into colleges.

all I'm saying is that there are less girls applying for those ivy leagues. So ratio wise. girls have it easier.

No I'm saying more males make it. There's only 1 girl that I heard of from THS who made it to Harvard.

? i'm pretty sure colleges select genders on a 50-50 ratio

Ok. Statistically, if other schools are like Troy high, then I'm right.

So you're saying that. In the whole world, every single highschool senior, No females made it into Ivy league?

That's not true. Look at the people who got in Harvard. Most of them from our school are guys. Allen Chen, Belino, and Saim etc. College apps aren't easier for girls.

There could be girls at other schools who made it.

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uh. this isn't a question..
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Who are your junior friends?

I'd like to list them off. but there are too many. and I would hate to forget to list anyone.

I just wanted to let you know you're a fucking beast man. Good luck with swimming

dude. Thanks :) I know i'm a beast. I strive to be one.

Would you rather be stuck between four large boulders with rat s*** smeared all over them while a cavalryman pours boxes upon boxes of ping-pong balls on your head, OR be taped to the floor of a morgue while a dumb ten-year old demands that you help him with his math homework on pain of death?

dang this is a hard question. I like ping pong , and I like math. and i'm pretty sure i can escape tape. so the latter.


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