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Thank you for answering that question about Eruna! With that said though, Do you know of any other anime like Mikagura where the protagonist is canonically a lesbian but the anime isn't advertised as yuri and is a different genre altogether? I feel like these kinds of shows are incredibly rare.

Main protagonist who is lesbian on a show not advertised as such. Very rare.

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I watched Mikagura a long while ago but only recently got into the fandom. I always thought that Eruna was clearly a lesbian, but the appalling lack of any material from shippers and all the het ships make me doubt myself. So the question is, do you think Eruna is lesbian, at least in the anime?

Because in the source material Eruna isn't as gay as she was in the anime from what I've heard. Anime Eruna is totes gay.
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What do you think about Amanchu?

Liked it quite a bit. Pikari X Teko are OTP from the first episode alone. Heard there's some het but it doesn't get in the way of the main ship so that's good.
I plan on covering it weekly depending on how much there is to talk about each episode.

Do you listen to something while you work (music, tv in the background etc) and if so, what do you listen to? (or most recent thing you've listened to while working)

I'm more comfortable working without music. Its greatness distracts me. I prefer enjoying music when I'm not working.

Who is your number 1 Waifu? (genre and gender open)

Too hard to pick one. If I had to choose it would either be Yoshinoya-sensei or Ririka Kato.

What do you think is the most underrated genre?

Hmmm, Slice of Life shows not centered around a group of girls? Basically not Girls Club shows. Either that or mecha shows due to Gundam's dominance over the genre.

What is something you like seeing bloggers do? What is something you don't like seeing bloggers do? What do you wish bloggers would do more?

I mainly let bloggers do their own thing and stick with what works for them. Also being active with visitors helps, provided both sides are polite to one another.
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What one blessing would you want someone to grant you?

To live a long and prosperous life together with my family.

Have you watched the first episode of "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress" and "Joker Game"? They seem pretty awesome :3

Neither one's on my schedule but I'll give them a shot when able.

What do you think about yumikuri?

I don't read the manga but from the snippets I noticed here and there it's the typical "danger around every corner" relationship that has a 1% chance of making it to the end of the apocalyptic setting. Basically reminds me of the recent The 100 and The Walking Dead yuri relationships. Hopefully YumiKuri will somehow prevail.

Hi! Do you think KumiRei will have a chance to be canon for Season 2? I'm really hoping that there is because in Euphonium's ED they were tied by the red string of fate.

We'll have to wait and see. I wouldn't bet on it but many are willing to take the plunge. Honestly I'd be okay with them being "more than friends" because I can't picture KyoAni doing the right thing by making them canon. Hopefully they'll prove me wrong.


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