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Have you found yourself?

Yes for the intellectual question ... I can't confirm or deny but some aspects of my life yes and others no. I know what I want I just dunno where i want it or with who I want it....
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If there was one person yu could start talking to again what would there first initial be?

I don't redate people.... Once we split up we're done.
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if a prince wanted to get to know u more would you let him?

But I'm the prince and there can only be one. And I already know myself so how would that work out?

I have a phat ass, and if u knew me would u eat me out if u liked it?

What? This sentence not even English ....

Wait werent you just taken now u single bitch u need to get ya life together

LMAO that's what I'm trynna do. Shit bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks. But my ex was too old with NOTHING going for himself. I had to leave to better myself. Taking care of one person is better then taking care of 2

I remember you & I was conversing on jack'd.. Lol. I didn't even realize that was you til the other day.

So what's the question?

On a date, you rather go to the movies or a nice stroll in the park?

Park, ask my boo I fall asleep during EVERY MOVIE


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