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What do guys like in girls? I need your help?

Well now I may not exactly be the average 13 year old boy but here is the list.
Listen to megadeth
Listen to anthrax
Listen to slayer
Listen to metallica
Listen to iron maiden
Listen to Judas Priest
Listen to motorhead
Preferably don't be sporty
Listen to black sabbath
Like metal
Like thrash
Like punk
Listen to nirvana
Listen to kyuss
Listen to mercyful fate
Listen to Ozzy osbourne
Don't be ugly
Don't be blonde
Like and respect music
Don't be dumb
Don't be a douchebag
Listen to exodus
Listen to grinspoon
Listen to red fang
Know what to say after I say "peace sells" if you don't already know then go find out now.
Do some of these things and you it might work.
But remember I am probably not the best person to ask.

how has your day been x

I swear to god if this is Melissa I'm going to block you on everything again. I don't care if you spend your days doing all this cool stuff and I'm just I'm my room all day with my guitar.
If this isn't Melissa than Its not so great because I'm in my room with my guitar.


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You're all assholes. Seriously this isn't me! (You can think George is better than me although he has been playing for twice as Long and I've never had a guitar lesson in my life. Love you George)
(Also if you knew anything about music or guitar, skill is not in what songs you can play by other people, it's in what you can write yourself and I make up riffs and songs all the time you ignorant asshole)
Youre all assholes Seriously this isnt me You can think George is better


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