Can we watch your lives at Twitch without subscription? And what is the difference of following you on Twitch and subscribing to your channel on Twitch? And will you play other games at Twitch and not on YouTube? Thanks for answering :D

Absolutely! A Follow on Twitch is basically like a Subscription on YouTube. It's free, and it's a way to keep up with my livestreams. A Subscribe on Twitch is a monthly fee where you get extra privileges in chat and access to special Subscriber-only events. It's basically a way to voluntary support my Twitch channel monetarily. I'm not against making a profit this way, but in the early stages I'm spending it all on making my Twitch experience better. I've already spent a lot on moobot to have the ZackScottBot in the chatroom, and I'm also putting up an UHC Minecraft Server that will be available only to Subscribers.

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