Why are youtubers so famous? They don't exactly work.

They do work. I put more than 40 hours into my YouTube channel a week. I work on it 7 days a week. It's been that consistent for over three years, and I've been doing YouTube videos since 2006. Anyone like me has poured hours of love and labor into their craft. Everyone I know who has reached any level of fame on YouTube is dedicated to their work. We record, edit, and upload our videos. We network, communicate with our viewers, and have meetings. We learn new skills, keep up with technology, and learn how to operate computers. YouTubers do it all.
Look, I know what your definition of work is. I spent five years at a university to get my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering while also working at a call center. I have been employed full-time as an engineer for years. It took a lot to pull that off, but I'm proud. It was all hard work.
YouTube is harder.
So why are YouTubers so famous? Because they work.