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I'm jealous when my best friend is having fun with other friends. That makes me angry with her and sometimes I don't talk to her because of it. As a girl, how can I stop being so jealous?

First, let's understand what jealousy actually is.
second stop trying to prove you are just as good if not better than everyone else.
third, just listen to your friend, best friend obv cares about you , and there's no way she can completely avoid talking to other friends, there's nothing you can do about so just be happy , aisy bano kay usy moqha he naw milay tumy jealous karany ka .

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Ek din jo kiya ho wo samne zaror wapis ata h πŸ‘

I think karma is very important in our life karma means each person is rewarded or punished according to what he oe she. example if u save someone from danger then one day someone will save u from danger it is the same as the phrase "what comes around goes around"

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Misbah i cant understand one thing yarr you know every thing every thing about love so beautifully but can i ask then why you hate love stories cuz i want to know..?

Balaj Ali
Bad experience may be,
I hate Love but I like people and even though I secretly hate them.they kind of since my evilness. I really hate that I hate people. Sometimes I hate my family too but love them. I'd be totally find with sitting in a dark corner all day...but then I wouldn' because I like socializing.I think we are like this because we tend to have these two thoughts, we are either feeling super superior or super inferior....and when we are superior, we hate when things don't go our way, and when we are inferior we hate that things aren't going our way. So those two things collide and we are just one big walking hate and our in between is the little niceness,love, social ability we have. But its not enough, so we are overruled by our superior and inferior thoughts. And we are narcissists and want attention on us, the way we want it. LOl, i hope i'm making since. But this is exactly how I feel i'm glad you asked this. It got me thinking, to present you with this answer.

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What is Love can you explain please.....?

Balaj Ali
Love is when you care very much about the other person's welfare, opinions, beliefs, feelings ad wants. You will put their feelings above yours and there will be emotional sacrifices in your relationship. You will always have good conversation and they will accept you for who you are and you will accept them for who they are. You will trust each other fully with all your life and you will always have time for them when they are sad or down but in the end i will say that i hate love stories.

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