Ask @ZainSadiq:

_NABI PAK ﷺ pe 1 bar darod parh k 10 doston ko send kro Inshaallah aj apne NABI PAK_ _ﷺ ko 1 lakh darod ka tohfa dain gy_ _Rokna mat_... 🌷

Darud pak is something sacred. Yes we should recite Darud pak and ask others to do so but i don't like this way . Im not criticizing but there are better ways . See you are my friend and when we meet or im on phone you can give me a reminder .but is that a way to give a gift to the most respected person . Tell me how many times when we people gather we ask each other to recite Darud pak. Our gatherings are full of mumbo-jumbo talks. We don't even bother talking about religion . How many times we recite kalma ? But we are posting islamic things on social apps. Jumma mubarak is trending on every jumma .i don't say its wrong but the point is wat we learned at that sacred day. ? I you and everyone is just moulding islam the way we find it easy. I'm barely a muslim or im apprantly a muslim who does nothing practical so don't bother sayin "keh kon rha he"

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