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What's the most interesting object in your room?

I have a Canadian one-dollar bill in very good condition which I find kinda interesting. They were discontinued in 1989 after the introduction of the Loonie in 1987 and THAT'S YOUR HISTORY LESSON FOR TODAY KIDS!

Why do you have less and less time for Gaming?

It's several things. Work, mostly. Working a full time job can be kinda exhausting some days and I don't even want to play video games when I get home. I also find I just don't have the patience for the same things I used to. I'll buy a new game and put off playing it for weeks or months because I don't want to deal with the time investment of starting a new game. Once I'm in the middle of things, it's not so bad, but having to play through the opening and tutorial and blah blah blah just kills my motivation.
I'm trying to do more streaming and let's plays to get myself out of that rut because I really love doing that stuff and it kinda forces me to play things when I might not have otherwise. Hopefully once I finish/get bored of Morrowind, I can start streaming other things more regularly!

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Antiheroes webcomic probably will end, since there hasn't been any updates for a very long time. :( Could You write for the readers where you planned to go with the story? And by the way, thanks for lots of fun, which Your comic gave me. I can honestly say that sometimes it was better than OOTS :)

Thanks! That means a lot. One of the reasons I kinda fell behind is because I never liked the feeling of riding on the coattails of OOTS' success. I never felt like anything I did was original. I've somewhat gotten over that feeling a bit and kinda regret not trying to make the art style more my own, but I also feel like I've detached myself from Anti-Heroes too much by now. I dunno if I'll ever come back, but I might lay out the plot details at some point in the near future.

Are there any eventual plans to return to Anti-Heroes?

For the foreseeable future? No. I just don't have the time to possibly keep any sort of regular update schedule. And not being able to do that drives me insane. I've floated around the idea of starting a different comic project with less of a grand scope in mind, but haven't found the time to sit down and work it all out.

Could you, privately or otherwise, let me know the spill-the-beans scenario you had in mind for Anti-Heroes?

I'm considering putting this option up somewhere. I'm not really sure how or where, but know that I am considering it either way.

What is your favorite way of wasting time?

Gaming, probably. Though I find I have less and less time to waste these days.

What is your favourite TV show?

The Wire, hands down. One of the few shows in which it really felt like I took something from it after watching. I can still watch it and love every second of it.

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