Why do you have less and less time for Gaming?

It's several things. Work, mostly. Working a full time job can be kinda exhausting some days and I don't even want to play video games when I get home. I also find I just don't have the patience for the same things I used to. I'll buy a new game and put off playing it for weeks or months because I don't want to deal with the time investment of starting a new game. Once I'm in the middle of things, it's not so bad, but having to play through the opening and tutorial and blah blah blah just kills my motivation.
I'm trying to do more streaming and let's plays to get myself out of that rut because I really love doing that stuff and it kinda forces me to play things when I might not have otherwise. Hopefully once I finish/get bored of Morrowind, I can start streaming other things more regularly!

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