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A promise unmade, a word unsaid, a day unlit, doesn't mean their values go down, they still are that they were always, and so are you. A beauty unseen, a lyric unsung, a thought unwrapped, a boon ungot, and yea, you're a secret untold, you're a special that's unknown, you're unique and bizarre! 😊

A life never lived
An emotion never expressed
A secret revealed to none
A chance never given
A friend always missed
Love always deprived
Some expectations never fulfilled
Few words never that never left the lips
And a lie always told
Halarious is our life

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Every beautiful star you see in the sky; full of light and shine, seemingly peace and calm, is a burning ball of pain, flaming tons of vibrant fire in silence. You never know what the star goes through to appear the way it is, people never know what you've been or are going through, yet, they judge!

People spend their whole lives in making love but only the few are fortunate enough to be blessed with the prestigious honour of being the beloved of someone. Most of us spend most of our lives struggling to make others our own beloved, because, we don't have the power to become the beloved of someone else.

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Like = If We Were In Bed For 1 Hour = Look at each other 😂 / just talk 👎😷 / Cuddle with you ☺ / would Massage your body 😍 / Flirt 😉 / Kiss on your neck and lips 💏 / watch movies 😊 / have Sex 👅💋 ( do mention rough or gentle ) , ...... Do it honestly depending on how good looking they are .

okay.. I am down for it.
paint the heart.

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