Ask @Zaynah_12:

Yaha khud larkian 4 5 pics post krti hain aur jaab koi shadi ke liye kahe tu agay se ghusay or nakhray dekhati hain. Bhai itni pictures post hi larko ko impress karne ke liye karti ho na🙄.

Okay first apki aqal ko dat deti hon k koi itna Dil phenk bhi hosakta hai k you just come across a pretty face and than end up proposing her, na Jan na phechan na pata k agli kia Pasand karti hai kis nature ki hai . Secondly , apko kis chirya ne bola k pictures Larkon ko impress karne k liye lagai jati hai? When will you guys understand that we girls don't dress up neither post pictures for you. Ye intihai giri hui soch hai bhai. Just cuz a girl posts a picture of herself because she thinks she looks nice in it and that kinda boosts up her self confidence you low lives end up thinking it's for you!? Get a life mate

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A song you know complete lyrics of ✒🎶

pindiboi10’s Profile Photoزہان عباس مندڑ
When you feel it's hopeless
When you think that you lost,
I will take your hand and
We'll rise up from the dust,
Here we go go go
Let us heal and grow
You won't be alone
We're unstoppable
Don't be afraid to show
What we're going for
This is what we know
Here we come back to life, we're still breathing
Standing up, everybody's gonna see it
Oh all you need to know is that we're holding on
Even if we fall we will rise up
And we follow the path that we believe in
No we're not gonna stop until we reach it
Oh all you need to know is that we're holding on
We rise up from the dust and claim our throne
We rise up from the dust and claim our throne
Rise up- TheFatRat

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I cannot fathom into constellations. Please explain me 😐

Danial_690’s Profile PhotoBugs
"My thoughts are stars, I cannot fathom into constellation." is basically a dialogue of a character named Augustus from a novel/movie FAULT IN OUR STARS.
If you dig deeper into the meaning of what he's actually trying to say is that he knows what he's thinking, he knows what he wants to say but he can't string the words into a sentence. His thoughts are scattered like stars in the vast night sky, shining through, but he can't seem to give it a picture, a composition, or a shape.
In short he has too much to say but no words to describe how he actually feels :)

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Current Thoughts 💭

KafeelChaudhary’s Profile PhotoKafeel Chaudhary
No one knows how anyone feels
No one has completely and actually felt what anyone else has felt in their life time. Often, we say, “I know how you feel,” but do we, really? We feel emotions at varying levels and no one can ever know how you truly feel at the moment. The ones you love cannot accurately discern how much you love them and the ones you don’t like have no avenue to know just how much you dislike them. All these emotions, all these feelings roiling within you and you cannot communicate them to others in a manner that they can understand just how deeply you feel is a little screwed-up, to be honest.

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Are you confrontational?

saqib_c’s Profile PhotoACHA YAAR!! ACHA
It depends on how much I love the person and how important they are to me.
If this is someone with whom I have a lot of fun, someone I care about, laugh with, and genuinely respect as a person; then they have a few ‘assholery’ passes with me for sure. I will meet them face to face and be happy to talk it out, to fight it out until we come to a solution. Until we feel ONE again.
The elation that comes from having a good time with someone, outweighs a moment of negativity. And I will always fight for that.
However, if you are someone who I don’t really connect with or someone who has cashed in too many ‘assholery’ passes, then I’ll be out of your world before you can say ‘Toodle-doo!’

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