Ask @Zaynah_12:

What should be developed in an individual after becoming an adult?

Aʳᵗᶦˢᵗ Sᵃᶦᵐ ✎
I think after becoming an adult they
should be more proactive and self-assertive, rather than passive and dependent. They r not supposed to feel victimized by life or complain or dump their problems onto other people; instead, they should face their problems or challenges directly and work out solutions rather than depending on others for direction. They can seek help only in relation to what they actually need, as in areas where they lack expertise, not in relation to unresolved emotional needs from the past.

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What do you often wonder?

I often wonder,
Why is there a thunder!
Forcing us to surrender,
Reminding us of our blunder.
Wonder why the sun strikes so hard,
And leaves us charred.
Tests us all through our life,
If we could dance to the tune of a fife!
I often wonder what life would be like,
To be a colorful kite!
Soaring heights,
Breaking through all mights.
In the empty sky I would fly,
Where I would have had nothing to feel shy.
Often stretching out to new horizons,
I wonder if I would have any comparisons!
Aah! Things would definitely be different,
Cause my Master alone would have my string.
Would He let me wander or surrender,
Is what I now, quite often wonder!

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