Ask @ZehraNur997:

We live in an age of envy. Where envy is being taken to extremes. People are generallly dissatisfied with their lives because they can’t achieve the lifestyle they want but which they see others have. This is dangerous. Be grateful for what you have before you lose it all.

One should always be grateful to God and be appreciative of the things The Almighty blesses us with. It's a blessing that i get to wake up everyday and be surrounded with my family. It's a blessing that I am completely a healthy person without any physical flaw and nothing's missing. And that I am breathing. Isn't it a blessing?
We should not envy what others have and what we can't have. There's a reason we don't have things what others have. Think about everything and do not be ungrateful. Pray to God and ask for things you want or are in need of.
Not that I'm a philosopher or I fake talk, but i get it. There are things I like but can't get it. I don't feel sorry to say that i cannot afford some things. It's life. Nothing's gonna be same. If we don't wear brands, it's okay. It doesn't defines us but our personality and manners do.

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