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Your Twitter bio says you're an IT consultant (not stalking) and I'm deciding which path to take in my life academically so would you describe how you got there? The difficulty level of the degree? Thank you very much. Love your Lets Plays.


I went to university and have a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

In university, my main field of study was usability, with related minors, but I've never actually worked with anything directly related to human computer interaction or usability. The lesson there is that it doesn't necessarily matter that much what you study, but you know when you go look for work or start a business. With the basics covered in uni and lot of self-practice, I've learned coding and scripting, which for me has been extremely useful.

I've worked in various phases of software development and in an IT admin as well. At the moment I work as a document and content management consultant, working directly with customers.

If IT and computer science interests you, I'd recommend learning to code. It's always useful and always in demand. But in the end, I'd study what interests you the most without thinking too much about the career after that. Or if there's specific type of work or role you'd like to work in the future, do some research and find out what type of skills are most useful in that role and go for that. And that goes for any industry/job, not just IT of course.

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what is your pc specs

My up-to-date PC specs are in my FAQ at - At the moment running my 2011-bought air cooled i7-2600K based system, overclocked at 4.3GHz and upgraded GPU to NVidia Titan X and added 1TB SSD for fast storage (OS and games).

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What's your opinion on Game of Thrones? (book and/or TV series)

Love the TV series, like the books. I started reading the books when the TV series was on its second season and slowly read the story forward behind the TV series.

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¿When you play, you think in english or finish?

When recording videos or streaming, and doing commentary in English, I think in English.

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How many games do you own on steam?

Too many :) I think I'm past 200 (as of June 2015) and I've only played 25% or so of the games I have.

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All these gaming questions... What's your favorite animal?

Lynx, Eurasian lynx to be precise (Lynx Lynx)

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You have probably answer this before, but what program are you using when you record your lets play?

I record my let's plays with Dxtory. (And yes, I've answered this before. You can find details about the programs I use to record, edit and encode videos from the FAQ on my blog:

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How often do you use a sauna?

I go to sauna at least once a week, but probably 2-3 times a week on average.

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will you do a role play of fallout 4 when it comes out


I'll continue roleplaying through the Fallout series yes. So when the time comes, Fallout 4 as well. There's likely to be more Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas roleplay in between though (depending on when F4 is released)

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How's the new job going? Do you have any plans to upload new content soon?

Everything is great with the new job and I plan to start uploading new content again in July and even more so in August and beyond when the summer is over.

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Will you be attending any game events in the near future or do a fan-meeting?

Never say never, but not in the near future for sure. It'd take time and money, both of which I rather spend on other things at the moment than going to a game event. And any kind of fan-meeting would best take place in such an event where people would be going anyway. So for now, online "meetups" via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube vids and livestreams will have to do :)

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What do you do with videos of your Let's Plays after they're finished and uploaded on YouTube? Do you keep them on your hard drive, copy them onto DVDs in case you need to re-upload something in the future or do you just delete them?

I keep copies of everything I upload. For now, I've kept everything (all the videos I've uploaded to YouTube) backed up on an external HDD (3TB one), but it's starting to run out of space and I'll either delete some of the older ones or burn them to blu-ray/DVD.

But more important than keeping such backups, is holding on to the big, raw video and audio files until the finished video is out and live. I keep the unedited video and audio until the final video is successfully uploaded and published on YouTube. If something goes wrong, I can always re-encode and re-upload.

Only delete source files when you're 100% sure the video is fine on YouTube. This is a routine I recommend for anyone making videos (and I also recommend not making any exceptions, ever - or one might end up losing a video like what happened to me in the end of Dark Souls 2 playthrough).

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Hi, I'm a big fan of your lets play Grimrock and Dark Souls. I will now try Dark Souls my self on PC, since I already finished Grimrock. So my question for you is: "What game controller are you using in Dark Souls?" For now I use keyboard and mouse, but I feel something is missing, so any tip?

I play Dark Souls with a wired XBox controller that works in Windows as is. On PC, I highly recommend playing Dark Souls (1 & 2) with a controller - While keyboard + mouse controls were greatly improved for DS2, the game is a lot better with a controller.

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Have you ever attempted a no-kill run of Oblivion or Skyrim? Fun but kinda difficult!

No I haven't. I've watched the pacifist LP of Oblivion by Icehair though, which was awesome ( He's also done semi-pacifist run of Skyrim (and has one on-going for Fallout 3 at the time I'm writing this). Check out his channel here:

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Will you do a vlog about your new schedule now that Civ is over?

I did :) May 2014 Channel Update can be found here:

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What is your favorite elder scrolls game you played?

Wade Odysity

I've liked all TES games I've played: Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim - have only tried Arena and Daggerfall, but can't really say I've played them. If I'd pick a favorite, I'd have to say Morrowind. At the time I didn't have a PC capable of running new games, so getting Morrowind on the XBox was a big deal. It was the first TES game I played and that first-time experience, being able to play such a massive game for the first time, was so powerful that no game can give that same feeling.

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I am debating on which to get first, Dark souls 2 or Dark Souls 1. Which do you like better (so far)? What are your pro's and con's on 2 over 1?

If you're only going to get one of the two, Dark Souls 1 or 2, get DS2. DS1 is an awesome game, but I think DS2 does nearly everything better - little tweaks here and there, and overall I like the game a lot. And you don't have to play DS1 before DS2, even that it's a sequel.

On the other hand, you should be able to pick up DS1 really cheap now, so if you have the time, there's no reason not to get DS1 too. It has its own unique atmosphere that I enjoyed a lot when playing.

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Hello. Will you upload your second playthrough of dark souls (that you are currently streaming) to youtube? I am not able to watch the streams as they are broadcast unfortunately.

Yes, my DkS2 sorceress playthrough will uploaded to YouTube for those who missed the livestreams on Twitch.

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Will you pick up DS2 on PC?

Yes, I'll get Dark Souls 2 on PC too. I got Dark Souls 2 for XBox 360 because I wanted to play it right away, but I'll be buying the PC version when it's released and that will be the version I'll be playing after that.

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Are you gonna finish Legend of Grimrock soon?

Yes - this week in fact. Don't know how many videos it'll be, but I plan to record the game to its end this week (end of March 2014) and then post the videos as I get them encoded.

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Have you been following the Olympics? What's your favorite sport?

Yes, I followed and watched the Olympics a lot. I like all kinds of sports, but if I'd have to name my favorites, I'd say Curling, ice-hockey and cross-country skiing.

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You said you will do a factorio 0.9.x lets play, is it still on or will you wait for a later version? I didn't see it in your next lp list...

Yes, I'll do Factorio 0.9.x LP. I'll wait a bit for the stable 0.9.x so the major bugs on the version are fixed. It's not listed in the future LPs list, because I never officially ended it - it's kind of continuous thing. But now that I think of it, maybe I'll add it there now :)

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Have you ever almost given up on youtube? for example when the subscribers didnt come or it was taking too much time?

I've taken breaks when I haven't had the time, but I've never really considered quitting completely - I like gaming and making videos too much. Early on lack of views or subscribers wasn't an issue for me, I just wanted to make videos and it didn't matter that almost no-one was watching.

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Have you considered playing Daggerfall?

Not really. While I'd love to play through both Arena and Daggerfall, there's so many other games I'd like to (let's) play already, and new ones coming out all the time, that some games I just have to skip.

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Hey look into Banished its coming out on the 18th but you should definitely check it out

It's an interesting looking game for sure. No idea at the moment if I have time to play it.

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