I believe when you create a champion, you work with the lore team. Does the lore team create a character and you create the kit or you create the kit and the lore team try to fit him in the lore?

Champion creation is a highly collaborative effort. We start with what we call the champion's DNA: one Rioter each from the (D)esign, (N)arrative, and (A)rt disciplines. Together with a producer who keeps us on track we sit down in a room and talk about the champion we want to make. This process of ideation transitions fluidly into champion creation, so ideally, everyone's input and ideas influence everyone else all of the time. The lore team, as you call them (they're not super keen on being called that ;P), will have story sketches and reference characters and so on, and often those give me cool ideas for an ability, but I may also come in and say "in game, this champion will be doing X" and the writer will go, "oh, the reason they do this in game could be THIS THING in their personality!" All the time the artist is sketching away and more than likely inspiring both narrative and design with their concept art.

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