What was Tahm Kench first kit ? I'm brazilian and one of my favorite champions is Tahm Kench. Sorry for my bad english

Since you asked nicely, here's the very first paper kit I wrote down based on the idea of devouring stuff. Note the placeholder Trundle passive. Also note how confused the incentivization around devour was. We did SO MUCH cleanup on this:
Passive: Whenever TANK kills a unit, he gains a shield for 5/6/7/8% of that unit’s max HP for 0.5s. Champion kills / assists result in a shield that lasts 2s.
Q: Tongue lash / spit.
With no devoured target, tongue lash: mid range (~Lissandra Q) skillshot slow/damage.
With devoured target: spit target in direction. Champions are moved half the distance minions/monsters are. Spit stops on first target hit and slows/damages in an AOE.
W: Shark Attack! Long wind-up / interruptible move block that goes to a target location within medium range. Tank dives “under water” and re-emerges at target location (alternatively if we’re going the frog route, he can leap, of course). Stuns / knocks up (leap/dive attack) enemies at target location. If devour is off CD and tank doesn’t have a “guest” currently in his stomach, he’ll devour whoever’s closest to the center (prioritizes champions).
E: Weaken / stagger: On next hit, apply weaken debuff to an enemy. Weakened enemies can be staggered (stunned) with an auto attack..The stun duration scales with how long weaken was on this enemy.
Tank can use Tongue Lash to trigger either part of weaken/stagger or even devour.
R: Devour. Castable from level 1. Four rank spell. Single target spell, devour target if allowable.
Rank 1: Small monsters / non-siege minions / pets only (Tibbers excepted)
Rank 2: Large monsters / siege minions
Rank 3: Champions / Tibbers
Rank 4: Dragon
Devouring normal monsters/minions grants a % max health/mana regen buff but also slows tank by 20% MS (to avoid top lane sustain abuse). When target inside TANK is <25% health recast W to kill.
Devouring champions/dragon/buff monsters: 2s max duration. Self slow 60%, but regen massively increased. Enemy champions get to nudge tank in a direction from within.
Self cast devour to make your next tongue lash a tongue grab / devour if cast on a valid target.
Cast devour on an allied champion to protectively devour them. Ally’s spells all replaced with a spit command to exit TANK before max duration is up. Ally spit has greater range than normal spit. Ally has a system of opting out of being devoured.
If Tank takes a total of 20/30/40% of his max HP while having a unit devoured, the devour breaks.

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