What was your job before you became designer? Did you study something? How did you become a Rioter? And was it easy for you to leave Germany to in order to work for Riot in the USA?

I studied computer science but left university before I finished my course. I had the chance to move to Ireland and work in the gaming industry, and I jumped at the chance. Turns out that was a good idea in retrospect ;)
I worked for the company that distributed and ran League in Europe for its first half year, and when Riot took the rights back I begged them to take me with. Somehow that worked. I worked in community for two and a half years before being given the chance to take the design test. Ran through a very long gamut of interviews at the end of which I was offered a design position and said yes please.
Leaving Germany was easy--Ireland is not far and not very different in many ways. Going to America from Ireland was harder.