How would you respond to DL pointing on a trend that you often include some kind of a mini-game in new releases (both champs and reworks)? I mean do you find it bad/unhealthy for overall gaming experience? Do you think making players go for mini-objectives is good way to make game more interesting?

Doublelift is very good at playing the game.
As for our overabundance of mini-games: this is a concern. We have raised and discussed it a number of times internally. The TL;DR (it's 3:30 and I shouldn't get into a novel-length post right now) is that there are only so many meaningful ways to give champions unique outputs (ways in which they affect how everyone else plays the game), and many of those take the shape of mini games. It's okay to have those, but attention is a finite resource. Rule of thumb that's worked out well seems to be to keep the mini-game relatively narrow and focused or align it along an axis that already exists. Garen's Villainy is the latter: Garen already wants to get onto your squishy damage dealers. Now he has extra incentive. Your play is not changed hugely: you want to peel for your ADC/mage. It's only the intensity that's been ramped up.
Whenever mini-games affect too many players too much of the time they start cannibalizing each other. If Skarner's crystals affected everyone on Skarner's team, for instance, or if a certain champion spawned a third epic monster that needs to be contested: that's too much. Looking at recent releases, I think we did pretty well:
Bard's chime collection affects Bard, his ADC and the enemy duo (whenever Bard leaves the lane; or FAKES leaving the lane), and to a small degree the enemy jungler/mid (if they want to go Bard hunting; this is not recommended). The importance of the mini-game and its outputs fade post-laning phase and that is as it should be.
Ekko is super low on mini games. His three hit passive is, err, a well established pattern / dank meme, and it's really just his W and R that add something new. The W prediction/mind-game aspect is really cool, but it's 90% on Ekko. The R asks something meaningful of the enemy (namely to track the position of a persistent non-champion element) and would risk becoming overbearing if that position was arbitrary, but because it follows Ekko I feel the amount of attention used up here is reasonable.
Tahm Kench I would say is very low on mini games. He has his three hit passive, of course, and the output of that is a particularly strong CC, but your play around is the same as with any tank: kite and stay away if you can or out-DPS if you can't. The E is the only other mini-game, and it's not well understood yet, but basically baiting the shield is super powerful. I regret adding the shield on cast begin; it cheapens the game for Tahm. If we need to nerf, I may change this.
Kindred are adding a meaningful map-wide game with the enemy jungle tags and a cool psychological mini-game in champion tagging (tag their toplane and gank bot when you suspect they're in voice chat :D), and their ult adds a MAJOR game changing moment, but it's just that: a very short moment once every ult-level CD.
(Oops wrote a novel, gotta go)

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