What do you think about the buff to Ezreal in 5.18? Will he be receiving more changes in the future? I feel as though more can be done with his W.

I don't play ADC, so I have a very poor understanding of Ezreal. From that poor understanding, yes, W seems like a dead button that just gives you a slight edge in dueling / becomes totally unreasonable on AP Ez whenever the meta allows for AP Ez. (moderate speed minion passthrough skillshot with no damage fall-off is pretty powerful; remember when it stole attack speed and healed allies?) I do love the "all skillshots all the time" idea and I'd probably find a different skillshot for the slot. That said, Ezreal's in a great place. I don't foresee us doing much work on him any time soon. (I might be wrong--I'm on champion team, where we make new champions, not on live design, where we balance existing champions, or on champion update, where we make existing champions more interesting, so I don't necessarily know what these teams have planned).