Hey! What are some unused abilities or abilities that were scrapped? Or what about Lucian's hoovering missile ult that was supposed to "turn LoL game upside down"? Make my day. :3 I just love reading through stuff like this. Tyy

I don't think anyone's ever claimed that the homing missile I was playing around with was supposed to turn lol game upside down ;) It was a thematic exploration: what if I could sic a homing missile on you and restrict your movement? Turns out that just wasn't a great idea.
Here's a scrapped idea: at one point, Tahm's ult was that he picked a location, opened his mouth, and after a 2s delay, he'd take ALL ALLIES within a short radius around himself with him. 5 man teleport. Funny enough, this wasn't cut because it was too strong, but because it was too WEAK: making 4 allies stand near you purposefully for 2 seconds was like herding cats.

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