What do you think about Fiora´s mini game on her passive? I feel like it is a bit frustrating for both players, as it is mostly decided by RNG right now without her ult. It also feels like Fiora is really strong,even if she did not have a passive at all,although it should be a major part of her kit.

I'm not a 100% certain, but I think Fiora's passive is only quasi-random. I think it smartly weighs certain positions more than others. There is definitely an element of RNG in it, but note how you get a warning long before a given vital arms. Sometimes this means that you get a vital pointed straight at Fiora and your only play if you can't trade is to back off until it falls off. This is certainly not ideal, but it's not like you suddenly get fucked out of nowhere.
That's still Rengar's unique niche.

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