Have you guys ever considered the idea of a champ who's kit revolves around controlling a powerful minion? Think Annie, but imagine if Tibbers was up almost constantly and she was really vulnerable whenever he was down. Or just a minion you can control globally in general? Top needs help? Send bear!

David Haughey
I spoke about this before:
Beyond the input problems, I think it's overall questionable design to split the impact of a champion into multiples that can act at great distance from each other. It'll feel less satisfying for the player to be affecting the game in two small ways rather than one big way, and it'll be a lot less clear (and because of that, less satisfying) for the enemy to play around this. Kill the champion proper but bear pushed in top lane? Uh, maybe good? Stop the bear pushing a lane but lose dragon as a result, probably bad? But now bear is down and the champion will be weak next teamfight! So, err, maybe good?
Whenever it's unclear whether your decision was good or bad you run into unsatisfying gameplay. We try to avoid this.