Saw you said Riot has had trouble with Yorick and the "army of the dead" - just curious what about this is causing the most trouble? The coding for minions? Balance? Side suggestion - Yorick ult: all minions that die around Yorick for X time are revived and are buffed similar to BoC. Feasibility?

Coding is definitely not the problem; after all we have a long and proud history of coding everything as minions, so coding minions as minions should be a breeze.
Joking aside, I'm not directly involved in Yorick's rework, so I can only offer you design thoughts from the outside, You really want to chase down and talk to the designer directly working on Yorick, who spends most days thinking about these questions. Your best bet is probably the boards.
From my outside perspective, a lot of the questions will come down to satisfaction and understandability of gameplay. With attackable minions you always run into the problem of "do I want to spend an AA / spell on the minion or go straight for the champion?" See also: Zyra, Heimerdinger, current Yorick. This was a major factor in making Azir's sand soldiers untargetable. I don't know that we have found a good solution here.

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