What is your opinion on cripple? Basically its a form of cc that allows everything except mobility spells, basically you can move, and use skills, but not flash or LeBlanc w. This would add counterplay to some hyper mobiles. I would recommend this on Talons E, which use to silence(silence bad rite)

Yeah, I like cripple a lot, and I'm going to echo what our champion design lead Meddler said: it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. We need to find a good fit!
We've got the tech hooked up and almost ready to go (I'd like more feedback for the victim to tell them WHY they can't move before we ship this on a champion/item) and we've experimented with it both on an item (single target activatable, think BotRK, that crippled an enemy for x seconds) and on a champion on an ultimate (large area that cripples you as long as you stay inside of it). The latter was pretty punishing: when you can indiscriminately apply the effect you hose a lot of kits entirely. Champions like Ahri, Renekton, Riven, Vi feel like they cannot function at all if under a cripple effect, and that makes me suspicious that the effect may be too hard-countery to work on a champion (aka pick the dude with cripple and the enemy's Riven pick has been eliminated). It may be cool in a very gated way on an item? Maybe we'll add it to Exhaust? Maybe we'll put it on a single target champion ability on a champ that can't just kill Riven during the duration? Lots of questions to be answered, but I think the effect needs to be in League eventually.