What do you think of Wukong right now? Any plans on working on him in the future?

Yerry Pimbert
I've never really liked Wukong for two reasons:
1) Both his passive and his ultimate fail pretty hard on the power vs satisfaction scale (they're both INSANELY powerful but it's hard to notice as the player just how powerful they are) (I'm not sure if this is still true, but for a long time, Wukong's ult had the highest AD ratio in the entire game. It just DESTROYS teamfights).
2) Wukong could be so much more! I watched A Chinese Odyssey (西游记第一百零一回之月光宝盒) and loved that comedic take on the character. From what I understand, the original trickster character in Chinese myth is also much cooler and more nuanced than what we ended up with. Partly this came from a desire to keep the champion simple and make him an accessible starter champion for our Chinese players. Partly this was just the quality bar of champions made at the time. I wished we could turn him into a real trickster, but to a degree LeBlanc already occupies that space.
There are no plans to do any work on him in the near future that I'm aware of.