Alright, lets spice up that teams question: If you got to choose 5 teams that every player would suddenly acknowledge the existence of, what would they be?

There are some exciting new teams we haven't talked about yet, so I won't talk about them here. But other than that:
Clarity Team: they have changed league so much since we made this team. From simple stuff like making last hitting more satisfying and clearer, to big stuff like the new health bars, kill callouts and most recently the new UI.
Systems Team: most people are aware of their sister team live design (the guys that nerf Kassadin all the time) (and buffed Miss Fortune!), but systems does subtly different work. These are the guys and gals that maintain the item ecosystem (what a gnarled ball of problems that is!), that understand and expand the vision system, update the jungle and monster aggro mechanics, etc. All of the design problems that frighten mean because of how obviously hard and multifaceted they are. They have Xypherous on that team, which should tell you something about how smart you have to be to work for them.
Roster Team: A subfunction of champion update (q.v.). This team not only analyzed and broke down our entire champion roster and explained it to the rest of us in terms of every champion's outputs on the game, they also invented a system of classifications useful for thinking about champions in our game in a much, much more meaningful way than "bruiser" or "support" and explained when champions in certain functions are and aren't healthy. Having laid that ground work, they started attacking the existing roster, fixing groupings of champions that were just plain not good for the game. They work crazy fast and help champion team make better champions in so many ways.
Champion Update: I feel most people know these guys, but yeah: Sion, Soraka, Viktor, Fiora. Some great stuff in the pipeline from these people! They're the unsung heroes of champion design: their workflow involves nearly as much work as a full new champion, and they're doing it with half the resources and very little love from the community sometimes.
Insights Team: We like data. We're not good at understanding data. For a long time, we had rather, err, simple ways of picking which champions to nerf or buff--basically look at some combination of pick/win/ban rate. Insights team is a bunch of crazy-smart analytical badasses that present huge datasets to us in such a way that we actually understand them and can make good decisions based on them.

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