A lot of people ask about problem champions, but we never get a chance to hear what champions you think exemplify good game design(bonus points if its not just a reverse-chronological list of champions you worked on)

I don't actually think any of the champions I worked on are particularly well-designed! Lucian is pretty flat (he does what most other ADCs do, outside the ult), Azir is way, WAY too complicated (and frankly not great for game health in this state--not sure what to do) (it's probably okay in 95% of cases since people will never hit Faker-levels of perfection on him), and as much as I love Tahm, he gets to his success cases by being pretty damn stat checky sometimes: he wins trades because his R passive is crazy, but in his current state it needs to be crazy or else he gets ignored.
So in ascending order, here are the best champion designs in League in my very subjective opinion:
6) Bard. *toot* If this isn't the best space hobo ever made, I don't know what is.
5) Nautilus. Is this the fucking heaviest tank ever designed or what? EVERYTHING on him feels chunky and meaty and locking down a guy for your team to kill just feels GREAT.
4) Jinx. I don't play ADC, but if I did? This would be my girl. I *LOVE* the passive--it just feels so RIGHT on her. The Q rocket/minigun game is really tense and fun, the W is just such a cool skill to use, and that R. Man, that R.
3) Lee Sin. Yup, tons of problems with his "I just win early game" balance curve, and I don't think we should have supported ward jumping (it's just such an arbitrary skill to learn and master), and not every spell on the kit needed to be double press (W really didn't need it, E probably doesn't need it), but fuck me: jumping around on this guy is a LOT of fun. Insec kicks are amazing, low health battles get super exciting due to Q's execution (gated by "you are now right next to them so if you didn't kill them, good luck", and he's just overall one of the coolest junglers to jump around with.
2) Sion. YOU CAN'T EVEN SCRATCH ME. This is the scariest, meanest, coolest champion in the game, and that ultimate? The single best ability we've ever made. Hats off to RiotScruffy and team--this guy's a home run.
1) Thresh. In my opinion, the best design in any MOBA out there. Holy shit, everything about this champion is perfect and feels RIGHT. So many plays. Such a cool minigame (soul collection). Plus the most satisfying save an ally move (I will argue Tahm's ally W comes close).

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