you said lee sin being allowed to wardjump was a bad idea. why not simply remove it and then balance him properly (he was a good jungler even before wardjumps). and wht is your stance on rivens animationcanceling? wanna remove that and make her animations less clunky in exchange?

It's more nuanced than "it's a bad idea". There are a lot of good things about it: it's a form of skill expression that is extremely visible to everyone in the game, it's a unique skill to learn for this champion (and I guess a little bit for Jax and Katarina, but it's much more important for Lee), and it's emergent gameplay, right? Where we gave you the overall rules and you figured out an unintended way of putting those rules together, and that moment of discovery is worth a LOT.
That said, there are costs. We now live in a world where we must balance for a Lee Sin who can ward jump, even if most players are bad at ward jumping / do not engage with the move, and worse yet, new players have no way of being taught, in the game, that this is even possible. This moment of organic discovery is a two edged sword: yes it is cool when you find out a mechanic without the game telling you, but no it is not cool if you play a hundred Lee Sin games never knowing this was a thing you could have done. Because Lee Sin has the additional mobility of ward jumping we can never make his ally jump really cool or really powerful. Maybe there is a world where Lee Sin's ally jump could be twice as long, but we can never give you this because a twice as long ward jump is probably not cool.
Why do we not remove it? Because at this point, for better or worse, it is part of the champion. I don't think we could remove it without compensating meaningfully elsewhere on the kit, and not just in terms of power, but in terms of adding in a new skill expression mechanic.

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