Zenon, is it possible to know why sometimes you(or the balancing/champUp? team) don't take suggestions in the boards/reddit about ways to change the abilities of the champion? with this i mean ie: if you haven't read it, the "17 color coded pages about shaco rework" left me hoping it was legit!

sbbetS Stebbs
I'll answer this a little more broadly:
Player feedback is great for us when it comes to what works or what doesn't work. What frustrates you, how does a certain spell make you feel, etc. When it comes to suggestions for what should be done, in 99% of cases we don't really look at them. Sorry if this comes across as mean, but we have designers with years and years of experience who'll still come up with the wrong solutions half the time. Our design process is highly iterative. Identify a problem, form a hypothesis, attempt to prove or disprove the hypothesis through playtesting, adjust your solution, rinse and repeat. A single "solution" presented in a vacuum does us no good at all.

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