Hi Daniel! as a game design student and an aspiring game designer, what tips can you give me when it comes to designing a character to make him/her feel unique in terms of game play mechanics?

Alright! We ready for a bunch of uncomfortable truths, gang? I'm sure we are!
You're not designing a champion. You may be thinking about a champion, writing down abilities or drawing diagrams, but unless at the end of the day you have an interactive, playable champion that you regular test in 5v5 playtests, you're not designing nothing.
I could give you tips that have worked for me, but they'd be utterly useless for you. Unless you're ACTIVELY DESIGNING a thing, these tips mean nothing.
I don't mean to be rude! There's a lot of value in thinking about games, but marry that thinking to doing. Break down games you play anatomically and think about why you like them, what you don't like, why the designers still might have made those decisions for good reasons, etc. Then make something! Make a shitty little Twine game (or a glorious, magnificent Twine game. Either way!) Mod a game you like! Engage in *active* game design and give it to a third party to play in a realistic setting. Anything short of that? You're talking about music, but there's no song.

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