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How to feel happy ? “Seriously “

justbeme74595’s Profile PhotoABEER
Girlll money is happiness. Money can buy you things that make you happy and it can also solve a lot of ppl “ family issues ”
Only rich people say that money doesn’t matter! Like REALLY? lmao If you say money doesn’t give happiness give me your money I’ll be happy :))

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What is the hardest truth you had to accept that made you stronger?

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People's opinion doesn’t matter.
Zero expectation will make your life easier.
You’re alone. People may understand you and be there for you, but they can never live your life for you. You were born alone and you’ll die alone. It’s the harshest truth of life.
Life misleads you into thinking you’re someone that you’re not, while all along it is pushing you into manifesting your true self :)
People don’t actually care about you. They care about the thing they can get from you so f*ck them up!

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معلومة من مجالك أستفيد بيها؟

لو إتحكم على شخص بالإعدام وهرب برا مصر 30 سنه بتسقط العقوبة عنه بس المهم يكون برا مصر طول مدة العقوبة وفي الجناية العادية بعد 20 سنة وفي الجنح بعد 5 سنين وفي المخالفات بعد سنتين.

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What do u think is the best feeling in the world?

lost_duck’s Profile PhotoH.
When my mom hugs me and kisses me on my forehead and says * I'm proud of you *
Listening songs which are matching the vibes of your mood.
Being able to bring smiles to other's faces.
Hugging my new born cousin and kissing him.
When youhug someonethat you really missed .
Birthday wishes from the special one.
Appreciation from a random stranger.
Being alone and having * Me Time *
Tears of joy.


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