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Jaylianna: ….Are you boys just gonna stand there or fuck? Reminds me of Love at first sight, but more like Love at fuck sight! Hahaha!
Izale: ….You.
*He uttered*
Jaylianna: Hmph. You boys look alike? I guess you weren’t lying about Zim, huh? Whatever, I guess that leaves me to finish you both off! Moan and bitch for me, you two? Will you?
Izale: So we meet. How unfortunate. You there can keep your mouth shut.
*He waves her off*
Izale: Zim the Cheetah, you are? The person who’s responsible for thwarting Ex ambitions. Hmph. Sounds like you really live up to your status, I’ll assume.
Zim: So, you know little about my presence, I see.
*He finally spoke*
Izale: I heard little about your actions and deeds. So that little incompetent Ex was right about you. You were the one giving him trouble and thwarting his poor plans, Zim the Cheetah.
*He boasted*
Jaylianna: Ah, so it’s you, hmm? Hahaha! You dare invite yourself here to claim something you don’t know?
Zim: I’m only here for one reason.
Jaylianna: What would that be?
*She puts one hand on her hip and her other hand rested above her chest*
Izale: Up close in person, you seem like a coward. I’m not stupid, because backup is with you. You are just using yourself to interrupt my mission. If you are looking for the main foe, then I myself shall prove that I am your foe.
Zim: As it should be. You’re correct. Zhen Yuanji and Riotte, you may come out from hiding.
Jaylianna: Ahhhh, so he had you all figured out, huh? Zim, do you really think you can just barge down here and figure out what’s going on? Don’t get in my way as well, because I’ll hurt you.
*She had an daring look and it was pretty intimidating*
Zhen Yuanji: Your words may be sharp and deep, but I’ll be a pleasure to slice you and silence you!
*She welds her two swords and swung them in a spinning motion*
Izale: Company that is.
Riotte: Ayo, so y’all are the one’s causing all tha trouble? Dafuq is y’all problem?!
Jaylianna: Sweetie, you alone against me wouldn’t be a fair fight. I’ll dislocate every joint in your body. Hmmhmm, try me.
Zhen Yuanji: Boast all you want, but I shall gain the upper hand though.
Izale: Why waste time, if they don’t know what we are after or trying to get at? Fighting them would be a waste after all, but you three can still try and take us two on. Peasants like you three aren’t worthy enough to know my notions.
Zim: It’s settled. I want allow any more casualties and harm. You did speak of Ex name, did you?
Izale: How else would I have known you? You’re like the greatest threat in his eyes, and you are a wanted foe by him. I’m actually here to capture you as well, but I’ll leave that up to that immature fool. I have no intentions catching you, but I do have something in mind.

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Riotte: Aight, you see wut if a gurl comes up to you and ask you out randomly, would you take her or not? I mean she can be fine af, but will you be able to take her out?
Zim: I mean, why should I? I dunno her, her personality, her notions, her goals, and lastly her true feelings toward me. Looks may kill, but personality plays an important role also too, Riotte.
Riotte: Well, dayum! Some knowledgeable person you are!
Zim: Anyway, not to be getting in between you and your business, but you do kinda put yourself out there.
*He froze*
Riotte: Tha hell is you talkin about? Tell me something I dunno. Help a brotha out fam.
*Zim shrugs*
Zim: You’ll understand when I hit you with this line. Tira?
*He burst out laughing*
Riotte: Yooooooo, you play too much! Aight….aight, listen. You see, knowing me I was just chillin and walking around tha motha fuckin HQ minding my own business. Yo, check this out, okay, so when I was snooping around, I was like awwww….ooooh…..daaaaaayum! Anyway, I was bored as shit, and I mean shiiiiiiii!
*He was getting impatient hearing him beat around bush hearing his story*
Riotte: On my way up to the top floor “I was like, I might as well visit the Chief Master” and when I did make it up there, I had a full fucking convo with him about shit. Well, about wut happened a few days ago, that’s about it…..
*He smoothly cuts him off with one hand*
Zim: Riotte, I have a question?
Riotte: Huh? Whaa? Wut is it?
Zim: So, when you order something, what do the cooks do?
Riotte: Uh….get straight to the point and cook?
*He simply nods*
Zim: Indeed. Now get straight to the point and say it.
Riotte: Aight….Aight! Me and Tira hit it off.
Zim: As it should be.
Riotte: Well, ahem, she started it!
Zim: You both made out inside the Chief’s office?

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Space 💭💛

چودھری حماد گورایہ
People stay in and out of love
like IN and Out Burger, I'm flipping
patties 24/7 thinking that my life
is gonna do a suicide flip, I flip,
twist, and turn, I might just be on
my way doin gymnastics, I'm so
acrobatic that I'm flying like
Miracle whip spreading across
your gurls face, I'm pushin, I'm
bustin, I'm hushing people's
mouths up, cuz close mouth's
don't get fed, the only thing
I'm feeding you is with tha
lyrics I have for you, I stay
flossing, glossing, and crossing
your azz over, knowing 2k20
is scouting my skills, and paying
tha bills when I go for an ally oop
ending your membership funds,
I'm just taking back wutz mines, cuz
I'm only playing for keeps not for scraps

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내가 궁금한 것들이 있어요, 내 페이지에서 내가 쎔.김님에게 질문하면 쎔.김님이 내게 솔직하고 정중하게 대답해주세요. 쎔.김님 니가 "내 페이지에 와서" 니가 직접 "솔직하고 정중하고 속시원하게 " 내게 너의 생각을 말해주길 바라요.

Came out okay. Off to work now

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