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My parents do not want me to leave them and go to Poland, Dubai or Baku. Im gonna live in Lahore. Maybe Britney James can come to meet me if i become eligible by making money for my father.

Imagine she gettin dick down while you tryna make plans to meet her

I noticed you draw on paper first then you lineart and color digitally if im not mistaken. which part do you enjoy more though? and do you use a tablet or draw with a mouse?

WonderRand *:・゚☆
That's correct *Nods* I do that a lot. I use my laptop when I Photoshop my pics and honestly I like sketching and doin lineart. It can get annoying after a few hours of doin lineart work

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Can you do impersonations of one of your characters?

I'll do it from row to row
1 Zim
You're just a mere pun
Fear me
Don't falter against the enemy
2 Glacung
Hm? ....Is there something you'll like to ask?
I...I present to you, that I am the honorary ice fox
Please be a little more careful, I'll hate to lose you in battle
3 Deanna
Don't be shy, I can always lighten the mood up!
Let's cheese it up!, mmmmm dam....that's my fault! Haha
4 Chun Ya
What an honorable display there
You're such a graceful fighter
I can dance and wave my fans around and draw you in for a surprise
5 Luo Chong
Don't let my beauty intoxicate you
You fithy swine! really are worthy of a person! stunning
6 Oni
Such determination you hold there. I applaud you for that
A distraught feeling there. Don't be to ashamed of your talents
Come forth and match my powers!
7 Deaveanna
A foe has been spotted
A foe like yourself isn't relevant enough to learn what lies ahead of you
Acting so sullen aren't we?
8 Jaylianna
A bitch gotta do what she gotta do!
What a drage, You're just boring me to bits dare to call me out? Don't let a pretty face like myself distract you!

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Do you know anyone who makes everything a competition? Like they have to have the best car or make the most money or they have to win at trivial things like a board game?

Go Knights Go
I came across a few people who tend to be in that category off here and on here
Honestly it doesn't bother me but it bothers them if they gotta flaunt there business out if they feel like you're doin better then them

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