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Farzana ♡_♡
When I was campaigning for the position of Head Girl, this junior of grade 5 promised to vote for me if I'd play Pubg or Fortnite or Roblox with him. I told him k mein khelti nahi houn magar theek hai us k saath khel loun gi. Baad mein he voted for me and I haven't even downloaded any of the games yet. 🤷‍♀️
Tou glasses walay bachay, wherever you are, maazrat aur forgive me pls. :))

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Ap k zehn mae kya h?🙄

So a week ago, we adopted a cat. He isn't the typical type of cat that likes being petted the whole time. Although sometimes he is all about that but he likes to enjoy his personal space. But there is this cat in our street that he gets in an 'argument' with every night. Like every goddamn night. They'd just meow at each other. And all I do is watch him do it from a distance because who'd like being his target...!? Nah not me man.

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If there is anyone who has been through depression or had the medicine experience or if you have some knowledge related to it then please tell me, does your comes back to normal and do you start feeling normal not just only sleep laugh but normal like feeling all the emotions like a normal pperson?

It never goes away and always lingers on right there at the back of our minds. It may feel like normal sometimes but just know that it's nothing but just a delusion that you're calling 'normal'.

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