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Shall we look for love, wait for love or forget totally about it?

Don't look for it because love finds you, you find the person you love without even realising, let it find you but don't forget about it because its such a great thing:')

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Wasn't it true that you told Chantelle that she stole Robert off your when they first got together? Im on about his ex Chantelle not who his with now ahah

Why are people still bugging me about Bert and chantelle, I honestly don't give a shit about them all, that's all in the past and we've all moved on so you should do the same nosy twit

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hahaha your eyebrows though hahahahahahahahahah

Ahaha say then when you're not annonymous :*

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Only person you like is Sam?, not what I have heard darl.

Oh right that's nice love.

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Would you make up with evie?

I don't know, don't really see the point cause if we did I wouldn't be able to see her cause we have such different lives now, it would be a facebook friendship which is stupid if you think about it and tbh it'd be awkward

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Would you make up with any of them?

Probably not, no

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What does his name begin with?;)

No:/- but don't you miss any of them?

Not really, we have different lives so yeah

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So you don't miss me charis or hannah then ?

Who is this? Gemma?

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And who would that be ;)

Wouldn't you like to know;)

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One 'girl' friend you miss?

Girl mate I miss which I'm still mates with probably Charlie, girl not mates with now probably evie

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Oo you have a boyfriend ;)

Yeah I do:D;)

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How come you never mention who this certain someone is eyy?;)

Cause he only became my certain someone last week;)

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Who is this certain someone ey?;)

My boyfriend;)

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When was the last time you were happy and why?

I've been happy since Tuesday/Wednesday and because of a certain someone:D

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What made you happy today?

Duck all cause I'm a miserable cow

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What is the last thing you said to someone?

In person- the dick heads being speaking to my mum about me so I'm off to clear my head
On the phone- let me speak to Dom cause I'd rather speak to him instead of you right now
Text- well I miss him:(

No secrets in my life:pp

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What are you listening to right now?

Closing time semisonic:')

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You are an actual mess Zoe, go and sort your life out. You never know which lad you like, Connor,Grant,Bert.. and could be more. Why don't you just stick to one lad for once,because you're going to end up getting hurt( battered) one day. i'm only looking out for you!

Aw thank you for telling me this...shame I didn't ask for your input isn't it, I don't speak to Bert so that's him out the way and Connor I don't speak to him more than a mate anymore because it wasn't right for us and Grants just my best friend why can no one fucking understand that, stay the fuck out my business will you, it's to do with me and them not me them and every fucker else...I'm not the only person in this massive world to speak to more than one person of the opposite sex so get over it and don't come back cause I honestly don't care what you have to say or what you think thanks bye.

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Do you still talk to robert?

No I don't

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One minute you're flirting with Grant then it's Bert.. make your mind up spotty cunt.

I don't have to explain myself to you.

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Have you ever been in love?

Yes but with the wrong person

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bert has feelings for you..

Couldnt give a shit I have feelings for someone else

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Robert said hed fuck you ;) x

That's nice, I wouldn't fuck him

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