Ask @ZoePandaBearStehle:

Any creepers in the neighborhood?

Yes I wanted to find my neighbors on fb to tell them. About this dude who keeps parking in front of this yellow orange looking house he's like waiting and watching. I see him on occasion. Middle of the night during daytime. But he drives off when I look out the blinds. Like when my parents are out of town I saw him or her parked in the same spot. Its a dark dark blue car.

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You believe god can protect you? How so?

Yes god can protect me from those who want to harm me . Those who spread lies about me . Those who kill animals. Those who want to hurt me. Avenge is gods . Whenever someone gossips or gets mad at me they get there life taken away. Like cars things etc.. God even punishes places that have hurted us when we leave with storms probably every means to protect us and others.

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You'll find out its a surprise . 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

Ughh I hate having to play blues clues.. Plus I already embarassef myself enough.. Damn. I will walk into a damn tree... I will fall and break my nose... Plus I've been trying to find out all year.. Minus well join the FBI. Probably never gonna find out.

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When a guy makes noise with his car how do you feel?

I am deaf but I can feel that. There is this dude who always put his car on blast ...... It pisses me off. Also he is always fighting and arguing with someone he is so damn loud a deaf person can hear him oh yeah I'm deaf I hear him. Typical hood man.

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A friend...

Tall dude gentle giant beautiful eyes I can't stand sagging pants though. He has his moms eyes.
Muscular dude that's always taking out trash friendly looking he has his moms nose and eyes.
Skinny one that came out when I played with blue kinda cute.
I think she has one daughter I talk to her when she took care of blue she has her moms eyes and nose. I assume everyone who plays with blue is Monica's .. Yikes haha. So uhhh why'd you ask.

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