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Are you a Hilldog or do you Feel the Bern?

I prefer Sanders but I have problems with both of them. I also dislike a ton of the shit Sanders supporters have done in his name and try not to loudly trumpet my support because I don't want to attract their attention. He's like the Ron Paul of the left in that one extremely specific way - a lot of his fans act like total turds online.
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Worst attempted one liner tried against or by you...

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"How much does a polar bear weigh?"
The answer is "just enough to break the ice". The reason this one was the worst was because the same guy used it on me, from the same account, *four times*. The third time I called him out on it, too, but a few months later when I made a new account, there he was again, asking me about bear mass.

The current social media trend in Japan and China is seeing if you can hold a pen/pencil underneath your breast. Any thoughts other than "What?"

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What is the least creepy way to approach someone you don't know at an industry event? FWIW, I can't unhinge my jaw so that's right out.

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Are there any problematic franchises (James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc) that you can look past the issues and enjoy or any that you can't?

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Hi, a while ago I sent you a tweet while you were going through all this garbage that I thought was clearly in jest, but obviously wasn't. I just wanted to apologise profusely if I added to the nightmare you were going through for even the second it took you to block me.

This happens kind of a lot. It's the problem with joking around with folks who don't know you well enough to tell if you're being serious or not. It's compounded when you're joking around with someone who is under attack from completely absurd people.
This whole nightmare would be asinine and hilarious if it didn't cause so much damage to so many people. The absurdity is interwoven with legitimate horribleness, which sucks because it masks the horribleness to the untrained eye. People will see anime hitler avatars shouting memes at someone and go "wow online harassment is ridiculous how could anyone take this seriously" instead of looking deeper and seeing the threats, domestic violence, hacking, and so on.
It's one more reason not to punch down with your jokes. While all you can control is how you personally act, you might inadvertently be a part of something bigger outside of that.

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