Ask @Zoeatcha:

Why are girls having a misconception that make up makes them more appealing and beautiful ?

Why because these are the rules set by our society ! A girl who's fat or is thin or not pretty enough will not get attention ! It's makeup which makes them look beautiful atleast for some hours ! Accept the fact that you love it when a girl looks beautiful so girls who are not pretty enough are just trying to fit in!

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Kindly reply 1: How would you react if your husband inform you soon after celebrating wedding night that he is already married . 2: How scared are you when you see the increasing ratio of divorce . 3: if you are kidnapped so how would you request that they do not damage your purity and let you leave

Adnan Ahmed Khan
1- I'll tell him hey love you've got 2 slots still empty. Fill em! Why 2 when you can have 4?
2- not scared at all if women are the ones taking a divorce. You see women are always the one forced into a marriage even if the guy is an asshole. But imagine even if a woman is touched by a guy no one would ever marry her. So I think man should be treated the same way.
3- I warn you. You're not going to like this. Go kidnap someone sexy while you can!!!!

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You are beauty personified. So sweet, so gracious and so delightful to look at! Your temptation is irresistible! Your beauty is captivating! U are the height of sophistication and refinement with such a warm vibrant personality! Yes you’re perfect in every way. U are majestic! U are the perfection.

Even though this made me smile but I know that's not true. Half of the time all the compliments given here specially on ask are not true. However these fake compliments make one believe how much they are better than others which is not good too. So incase you really really don't mean it from the bottom of your heart till then don't make anyone believe that they are better than others. I mean I see normal people here on ask acting like if they are sth way better *sigh*

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