Ask @Zoeatcha:

Kindly reply 1: How would you react if your husband inform you soon after celebrating wedding night that he is already married . 2: How scared are you when you see the increasing ratio of divorce . 3: if you are kidnapped so how would you request that they do not damage your purity and let you leave

Adnan Ahmed Khan
1- I'll tell him hey love you've got 2 slots still empty. Fill em! Why 2 when you can have 4?
2- not scared at all if women are the ones taking a divorce. You see women are always the one forced into a marriage even if the guy is an asshole. But imagine even if a woman is touched by a guy no one would ever marry her. So I think man should be treated the same way.
3- I warn you. You're not going to like this. Go kidnap someone sexy while you can!!!!

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Ever since I saw you,there hasn't been a single moment when every single atom in my body wont tell me to just hold you tight forever after and let not get anyone anywhere close to you less me. I might sound a bit dramatic but i swear i dont give a rats ass to what people think. All I care about is U

Uh hellooo you don't even have the balls to untick and you're talking bout "you don't give a rat's ass to what people think" lmao

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I'll make you regret for what you're doing & it's a promise.I won't let you move with somebody else. You belong to me.I swear i'll destroy each & everything.I had told u many times before that don't mess with me but still you did the same.I hope you know who I am & now you're gonna see my worst side

Ok whoever you are you are funny. And move with somebody else ? Whose that..

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