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Zoe Malasek
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the I only saw and actually said something to you like once and that was with Quinn and he calls Smiley haha and your super pretty soo yea

Zavier Forbins


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Truth is I'm happy we started talking and we should keep talking(: ur beautiful and super nice and funny and we should hangout soon and talk during school and in person hahaha(: text me(:

Josh Morton

awe thanks(: and ok(:

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Tbh I don't know u that much but I see u around school and you're really pretty and you seem nice but I haven't built up the courage to say hi to you

Travis Clark

awe thanks(: we should talk sometime(;

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tbh i really dont know you but i see you around school but weve never talked but u seem nice and chill :)

thanks. who is this?

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truth is idk you but you seem hot so hmu

thanks and yeaa

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like for a rate?


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I love u

i love u2

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truth is idk you that well but you seem really nice & you're really pretty! we should talk more:)

jamie gatch

thank you and we should(:

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zoee ur gorgeous and funny i love to talk to u at lunch ! i love ur hairr

Ashley Meeks


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Cam and u should get back together

haha thats funny.

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like for a truth is?


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Best male friend?


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cutest 8th graders


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awe thanks(:

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truth is ily

;) ilyt

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Do u have a pool


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Who know who u like

who is thiss

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Bc I wanna know

well you dont get to mwuahahaha((:

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Give me hints plz


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Who is the cutest person u know but u don't love them?

idkk mann

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